Warranty Information


Retaining walls and paver patios installed by us come with a 1-year repair warranty! We guarantee that any retaining wall or paver patio we install will last for at least one year.

You have one year from the project’s completion date to request a warranty repair for any damage done. You will fill out a form to start this process.


We try to complete all of our hardscape warranty requests as soon as possible after receipt unless specified otherwise. These repairs are placed in our normal project queue but given a high priority because you’re already a valued customer! We typically have at least a several-week backlog so we have to be conscious of all our commitments.

* Please be aware that Replacement materials may differ in color, texture, or finish from the originally installed materials. This is dependent on the manufacturer’s consistency standards and we cannot be held responsible for these discrepancies.


1-year warranty on all replacement trees, shrubs, and perennials!

All of our plant material is inspected and of good quality, and we stand behind our installation. Having said that, plants are living things, so they require the attention of the property owner to properly maintain them.

The health of your new plants depends on you following our watering instructions and other preventative measures to the letter.

We want to ensure your investment is protected for the future and will remain beautiful!

We offer a free one-time replacement for any of the perennials, shrubs, or trees we planted for you if they die within one year from their installation