Wildwood Landscape Design Companies

Welcome to Done Right Landscapes, where we have proven to our clients time, and time again, that we’re one of the leading Wildwood landscape design companies. From the decades of expertise on our staff, to the warranty programs that we use to protect your finished project, we’re confident you will be nothing but thrilled at the results that come with working with us.

Create vibrant, useable outdoor spaces

If you’re shopping around amongst landscape design companies in Wildwood MO, you’re likely not satisfied with the current state of your lawn and landscape. It’s important to work with design professionals to achieve a property that will look cohesive and blend in with your surroundings. Spending a weekend installing some mulch beds and planting a few shrubs isn’t going to cut it.

As one of the premier Wildwood landscape design companies, Done Right Landscapes is ready to help you overhaul your residential property, creating spaces that are:

  • Dynamic and beautiful. There is a real art and science to designing a well thought-out lawn and landscape. You’ll notice this fact when you see a home with an outdoor space that just doesn’t make any sense — it hurts the appeal of the entire house! At Done Right Landscapes, we will create an outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and will bolster curb appeal.

  • Highly functional. You probably don’t just want to sit inside and stare at your outdoor spaces — you want to use them! That’s why we create highly functional spaces that expand the living area of your home. This can be anything from a beautiful patio to relax on or a full outdoor kitchen to entertain guests on a regular basis.

  • Valuable to your home and sustainable. As your choice of landscape design companies in Wildwood MO, we want to help you add value to your home — and our work does exactly that. We also create sustainable designs that will ensure your outdoor space thrives long into the future.

Let’s chat about what you’re looking to achieve. Our staff can provide you with a same-day estimate in addition to free 2D plans that give you a vivid look at the finished project. Thank you for considering Done Right as your choice of Wildwood landscape design companies.