Wentzville Landscape Design Companies

Allow your home’s property to reach its fullest potential by connecting with the dedicated staff at Done Right Landscapes, one of the premier Wentzville landscape design companies. Here, we leverage decades of combined knowledge and experience to transform properties through a variety of services, from installing new landscaping elements or a retaining wall all the way to full outdoor living spaces.

Investing in your home is rarely a bad idea — it comes with so many benefits. But most homeowners focus so closely on the inside of their homes that they neglect the outdoor spaces, which are beaming with potential. As your choice of landscape design companies in Wentzville MO, Done Right can help you both realize and capitalize on this potential.

We’ll customize your outdoor elements and spaces

Armed with decades of experience in this industry, we work closely with homeowners to plan out a new landscape design and then we go to work implementing it. The design process is crucial, which is why we place so much emphasis on it.

Our initial customer meeting includes a same-day estimate complete with free 2D plans of the project. This is huge and not something you’re going to get with other Wentzville landscape design companies. We want you to get a full visual on your finished project before we get shovels in the dirt, which is why this is important. Done Right Landscapes does this for free while the other guys charge hundreds of dollars for it.

With a plan in hand, Done Right Landscapes will assign a dedicated project manager to your property and they will be your point of contact throughout the duration of the project. Communication is vital during these projects and we feel it is something that so many other landscape design companies in Wentzville MO lack.

The end result of this hard work and diligence is a property that you’re nothing but happy with. Your input will be factored in the entire way so that we’re essentially bringinging your vision to life. We stand behind our work, too, with one-year warranties on both plants and hardscapes.

Schedule your customer meeting with Done Right Landscapes

We’re different from the typical Wentzville landscape design companies and want to show you how. Connect with our team right now and let’s start bringing the vision you have for your property to life!